Magnum Nutraceuticals

Price: 35.00 $


  1. When certain people eat carbohydrates their bodies store more as body fat than should be the case, these ingested carbohydrates should be used as energy and as glycogen for bigger, fuller muscles. MIMIC allows you to eat carbohydrates again while promoting healthy utilization of carbohydrates for energy
  2. MIMIC delivers a large dose of the patented ingredient, Chromium 454 in each serving. Chromium 454 is a critical cofactor that helps transport ingested carbohydrates into muscle cells.* Chromium 454 is a highly bioavailable, water-soluble form of chromium that allows for enhanced absorption and utilization of this critical mineral.
  3. MIMIC includes the most effective form of Alpha Lipoic Acid - R+ALA. R+ALA speeds the removal of carbohydrates (sugar) from the blood, and breaks down sugar and triglycerides for the production of ATP. It also supports carbohydrate uptake by muscles as well as the metabolism of triglycerides (fat) by muscles.
  4. MIMIC provides Berberine, which targets a basic regulator of metabolism called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). Increased AMPK activation stimulates the uptake of ingested carbohydrates into the cells and supports your body's reaction to these digested carbohydrates
  5. And finally MIMIC increases the effectiveness of any creatine or amino acid based supplement you take by driving this type of ingredients into your muscle tissue more efficiently.