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Biotona Bio Phyto-Detox® is a synergistic blend of 100% organic, air-dried plant powders. It is used in the form of a cure.


The seeds of the milk thistle support the liver in its detoxifying and depurative function. The turmeric participates in a good digestion of fats. Chlorella is a thousand-year-old freshwater algae, unicellular, bright green in colour due to its high chlorophyll content and containing a veritable treasure trove of phytonutrients. The dandelion root contributes to the internal purification of the body and the fennel seeds help to relieve the feeling of bloating. The Bolivian yacón, or ground pear, contains more than 40% inulin (soluble fibre). The artichoke leaf supports the liver and the detoxification process in general.

  • Detoxifying and depurative
  • Relieves the feeling of bloating
  • Purifies the body
  • Good fat digestion