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8 Reasons Why You Must Have Fruits in the Morning

013013DetoxQuestionsNowadays, as the lifestyle of people is changing, increasing amount of people have started perceiving that fruits are eaten by people who want to get slim or are fitness conscious. Earlier, our ancestors used to grow fruits and relish them and this is why they enjoyed greater life span. Instead of giving themselves a nutritional boost in the morning, people are gorging onto high carbs and high calorie bread toasts or heavily buttered parathas to keep themselves feel full for longer.

Why You Should Abstain From Consuming Artificially Ripened Fruits?

Zero-usage-of-calcium-carbide-Equinox-LabsUnlike the good olden times, where our ancestors enjoyed consuming hand-picked fresh fruits, we have become victim of fruits that are artificially ripened. Despite consuming variety of fruits, we hardly have the physical energy and mental sharpness like our forefathers. It is very difficult to distinguish between naturally and artificially ripened fruits and this is why, the fruit market is booming by supplying unseasonal fruits in advance by infusing chemicals in them.

Creatine supplementation

sport nutritionsA large body of evidence over the last two decades has shown that creatine supplementation improves strength and muscle gains. While the primary function of creatine is to provide more efficient fueling of high-intensity exercise, there remains interest in identifying other beneficial metabolic effects.

5 Mistakes Beginners Make During Contest Prep

clutchcut-main-inset 01You don't need to step onstage in order to have a great physique. And honestly, even when done right, contest prep is a gruelling undertaking that's definitely not for everyone.

Foods that boost the immune system

Health FoodFoods that boost the body's immune system can offer a lot of healthy options for those who wish to be more conscious in what they take in. To be sustained, the immune system heavily depends on the stomach for support. Malnourished individuals are more susceptible to disease as opposed to those who observe a healthy nutritious diet. Below are some of these examples:

Fish oil protects from the damaging effects of intense exercise

Fish oil protects from the damaging effects of intense exerciseThe long chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, found in salmon and other fatty fish, are back in the news again. A growing body of evidence indicates that EPA and DHA are not consumed in adequate amounts despite an impressive number of studies documenting major health benefits. The most recent set of papers shows that EPA and DHA have important effects in skeletal muscle.

Herbs that help your immune system


As a former professional sprinter I have been asking myself the same question over and over again: How to supply my body with everything it needs to be able to sustain extreme pressures of a highly intensive training regiment? At the beginning I thought that the secret of a successful regeneration lies in the right ratio of lipids, proteins and carbo-hydrates. But through the years I figured out that my body needs more than that.







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