Herbs that help your immune system

My body also needs a full spectrum of micronutrients to be able to fully recover from hard and long training sessions. You only notice the importance of being healthy when you get sick. And I can say that illness is an athlete’s biggest nightmare. An illness – even when it is only a simple cold – can deprive you of achieving top results. Approximately one year ago, when OrganiCore did not exist yet, I heard about miraculous mushrooms and other healthy herbs. I asked myself: How can a simple mushroom be so healthy? What I first had in mind were ordinary mushrooms, like champignons, until I realized that we were talking about mushrooms that were in use for centuries. So I would like to present you just a few of them, actually the most important three.

immune 1 Mushrooms or fungi have been in use in daily life because of their nutritional value, taste and, most importantly, their health benefits. If we want them to retain most of their health-beneficial properties, we have to harvest them right before they become mature. Commercially, mushrooms are grown in large vats in a medium of sugars and starches. We can also find them in the wild environment. Mushrooms growing in the wild retain most of their health-beneficial properties. Knowing that, we should always look for organic labels. Organic labels tell us that a mushroom is grown in the natural environment using no pesticides or other poisons. So far, the useful compounds found in mushrooms include myriad polysaccharides, sterols, lipids, proteins, and triterpenes. Polysaccharides (long-chain sugars) have gotten the most scientific attention because of their ability to enhance a healthy cell's ability to fight off viruses, cancer cells, and other foreign substances.


Maitake: (Grifola fondosa)


This mushroom has been in use for a long time. It is known for its ability to lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. It also reduces fat levels in the blood, which can lead to lowering the percentage of body fat. In addition to all that, it is also known for its anti-viral properties. One of the ingredient found in maitake is also beta-1,6 glucan, which is well known for its property to boost the immune system. To top all that, maitake mushroom also has a very good taste and it is often used in cuisine.

One of maitake’s main ability is to stimulate the production of T-cells in the body. T-cells defend the body against viruses and cancer cells. We can find maitake in the wild areas in Japan and some parts of the US. Studies have shown that these incredible mushrooms can inhibit the growth of tumors and lower the number of cancer cells in mice. In the US and in Japan, they are already used for treating cancer and HIV.

Studies on animals suggest that maitake can lower blood glucose levels in diabetics, which leads to the prevention of long-term consequences of the diabetes. With OrganiCore IMMUNE you get a daily dosage of 360mg of a pure maitake extract. Studies have shown that already 100mg of maitake extract per day can cause significant improvements in health.

Reishi: (Ganderma lucidum)

reishi-mushroom-2Reishi mushrooms are one of the most popular mushrooms around the world because of the effects they have on the immune system. They contain many immunologically active ingredients, such as beta-D-glucan and polysaccharides. Beta-D-glucan is well known for having antioxidant qualities, an ability to boost the immune system and to protect the liver.

We can say that, in combination with other mushrooms, reishi is essential when we want to speed up the process of catalyzing the metabolites after hard training sessions. With that ability, reishi reduces the pressure on the liver.

The traditional Chinese medicine has been using reishi for centuries because of its anti-fatigue properties. If we look at the study that involves almost 200 medal-winning athletes competing on high altitudes and in cold conditions, we can see that the use of reishi in combination with ginseng improved their sleep and enabled them to recover faster with less fatigue. In OrganiCore IMMUNE you get your daily dosage of 360mg of reishi extract, which is more than you can get anywhere else.

Shiitake: (Lentinus edodes)

Almost everybody must have heard of shiitake mushrooms, as they seem to be the most well known healthy mushrooms of them all. Besides their huge effect on human health, they can also provide a delicious meal. Shiitake mushrooms contain a large number of substances that can contribute to a healthy body. Probably the most important one is a nontoxic polysaccharide lentinan, which is used as the immune system booster in Japan. Lentinan can also help the people who suffer from chronic fatigue. Like reishi, shiitake has the ability to protect the liver from free radicals and side products of metabolism, as well as to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.shiitake mushroom

There have been a lot of studies supporting the fact that shiitake can improve the immune system. Studies have also shown that lentinan can slow down the growth of cancerous tumors. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is also used to improve recovery times and to increase energy levels. Our product OrganiCore immune will support your body with 360mg of pure shiitake extract per day.


Like you have already noticed, these amazing mushrooms really are pearls of the nature. From when I heard about them and started using them, I have been feeling different. Now I have more energy, sleep better and have better regeneration after training sessions. You must be wondering where you can get those magic extracts to feel as good as I do. I have good news for you. OrganiCore developed an amazing product called ORGANICORE IMMUNE , which contains extracts of all three magic mushrooms in the amazing dosage of 120mg per serving. And what is best – in addition to these pearls of the nature, it also contains thirteen other amazing herbs that will boost your immune system through the roof. And finally, you have to know that all the ingredients have organic certificates, which means that they contain the highest dosages of active ingredients.


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